The Ultimate Energy Cruise

 Oct 4, 2013 to Oct 7 2013 * Fri. to Mon. Morning * 3 DAY CRUISE

Departs and Returns
to Port of Los Angeles, CA * Destination: Ensenada, Mexico

The Ultimate Energy Cruise with Eric Altman

Law of Attraction Radio Network

Sails Oct. 4 – 7, 2013  out of Los Angeles to Mexico

Let me tell you what Eric’s energy work has done for me….

I have been talking about the exceptional energy skills of Eric Altman for a while now.  I think it is time to let you know what Eric has done for me.

I have had a financial investment for over 3 years that has been stuck… not moving forward.  I had Eric do energy work around this investment and within a day, the investment started moving forward!  Eric is so amazing when he works on business success!  He just removes the density that keeps you from your success!

Eric has help me to shift my thinking from lack to MAJOR abundance.  I mention to Eric that my main mission for Law of Attraction Radio Network is to get a huge amount of listeners so that a shift beyond powerlessness could occur on the planet.   Within 6 months, I went from 1.6 million listeners annually, to 1.4 million listeners per month.   

And finally, there was some very old thought patterns that strained past relationships.   Eric’s energy work magically erased my stuck attitudes of being a victim, to those of creating new relationships from a place of happiness.  Previous relationships changed overnight and I began seeing a difference perspective.    Yes, this happen to me… a person that practices the Law of Attraction 24/7.

Sometimes events and past emotions remain within the walls of the cells where they can pop up when the adrenaline starts to flow.   Eric can see the density of the energy around you and with your permission, can move this density away from you… literally changing your life within in minutes.

This Three day Cruise will be so powerful you literally will walk off the cruise ship fully re-energised, without any of the old thought patterns.  You will notice a new creative streak allowing you to see the opportunities to flow to you. 

$400 of Energy Gifts for those who attend!

  Everyone in our group will receive the Triple Powered Money Activation MP3. This deep meditation/hypnosis MP3 includes:

    deep meditation/hypnosis for allowing wealth and well-being into your life through  Hypnotherapist, Jewels Johnson

   HIGH FREQUENCY SOUNDS to get into the soft tissue of the brain and cells and deeps cleanses the Pineal Gland through the beautiful recordings of CodeDimensions, Inc.

  The entire MP3 has been fully ENERGIZED by Eric, erasing past beliefs about money held by your ancestors and past through to your DNA.  Every time you listen to this MP3, Eric Energy continues to shift you from lack into abundance.

This TRIPLED Powered Money Activation sells for $97.00 and it is FREE to everyone to comes aboard for our fabulous three day cruise.  You will be amazed by the results!

Also as an added bonus,

Eric is giving away 2 MONTHS OF DISTANT HEALING worth $300 to everyone who comes aboard the ship to sail away with us. 

  All distance healing sessions take place on Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:00pm, Pacific Time. Eric offers four sessions per month (always the first four Thursdays of the month). Each session is completely energetic.  It is activated by your intention.  It does not involve being on the phone or online.

Less than 50 days from sailing! 

Sign up today.  Bring a friend to room with.

Can you really afford to miss this cruise?

See you on board!

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sunsetWhat to expect from this three day intensive Energy Cruise:

1.  Declog and activate the Pineal Gland to bring greater clarity and intuitiveness into the Spiritual realm of the Universal Energy.   This will actually help you to make the right decisions based on your connection to your higher self.  You may noticed more opportunities and miracles flowing to you from this connection.

2.  Release past emotions that are stuck in the cellular memory that bring you out of alignment of your mind body connection.  This will keep your cells happy and well energized, releasing all need for illness in your life.  You will discover that you have more energy to enjoy life.

3.  Remove conditioning from previous generations (your ancestors) to change your perceptions of life in regards to relationships, financial well-being and health.   Finally you will be free of your ancestorial restrictions passed down to you through your DNA.   With this, you can now see life differently from new understanding and new perceptions.   It’s like a rebirth!


What You Will Experience

  • A new personal signature of self and breaking habits of old self.
  • A new sense of intuitiveness… clarity and direction.
  • Identifying yourself as a whole being, mind, body and spirit.
  • Embracing profound changes in your state of mind to enhance loving relationships.
  • Living life in the present moment.
  • Using proven scientifically researched business tech to create Health, Wealth and Well-being.

You’ll leave this cruise exceptionally happy and ready to embrace all levels of life!