Cabin Mates

“I am a private person and I need my space.”  
“I do not want to share.”
“I snore.”
“What if I get a cabin-mate who I can’t stand?”

These are common reasons that cruisers shy away from having a cabin-mate.  Let’s examine why it’s a GREAT idea to share a cabin!
1.  First Step is to TRUST that the Universe is putting you with a particular person for a GREAT reason.
2.  Understand the principles about the Law of Attraction.  The other person is a MIRROR and will reflect back everything you need to understand about yourself.  This is a VERY GOOD THING!
3. It’s MUCH more fun.  You can do things together or go it alone. Trust that you will be match up with your perfect cabin-mate who fits your personality and level of activity.  You will create a deep and long lasting relationship with this person.   It truly works and we have had SO many wonderful and amazing success stories from the previous cruises.
4.  You Snore?  Tell us up front and we will see what we can do!
5.  I suggest contacting your cabin-mate a week or two before the cruise.  Talk to them on the phone and I think you will be thrilled and even more excited to go on your Adventure!
6.  If you choose not to have a cabin-mate, the Rate for a Single Cabin doubles!


Personal Note from Jewels:
After completing 6 LOARN cruises, I must tell you that there was only one occurrance that a person did not like their cabin-mate… and the reason why was that they were TOO MUCH ALIKE!  They weren’t willing to accept what the mirror was reflecting back to them.
Personally, I have done it without a roommate and with a roommate.  I had a MUCH better and fuller cruise experience when I went outside my comfort level and allow myself to be match up with my perfect roommate.  Try it… You will be amazed! – Jewels

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I had such a WONDERFUL time on our last cruise!  Everything was wheelchair accessible and there was plenty of help .  The BEST thing however is that I was matched with  the PERFECT cabin mate who later talked about my memoir, Easier to Dance on LOA Radio Network. It was my first but not my last  cruise!
Annie Laurie Harris, Author, It’s Easier to  Dance