Wealth Cruise MP3s

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These are the most powerful audio recordings sent to you in MP3 files made from our Cruise on June 4, 2013.  Plus you receive the Money Activation Hypnosis CD that will assist in rewiring the mind to accept wealth.

You will reap the benefits of these workshops without the expense of being on the cruise as you hear delightful and humorous ways of getting you to understand the principles of creating wealth.

If you ever thought you COULD NOT MANIFEST WEALTH, these audios will show you how EASY it is to change your mind from lack to abundance and bring that flow of money to you!









Headshot-Constance1-300x250Constance Arnold delivers an enlightening workshop about Understanding the Spiritual Law of Success to Create Wealth and Abundance along with her 2nd workshop on Commanding Money and Abundance through Divine Ideas and Inspired Words.   Constance is so humorous and lighthearted, you can help but be inspired!





Headshot-marbethMarbeth Dunn – The Joy to Abundance Strategist talks about the POWER of the heart in manifesting wealth.  As an intuitive & empath, Marbeth teaches how to live abundantly, release resistance and easily create wealth and abundance no matter what was in your past.  You will definately see the future different after listening to the Joy to Abundance Strategist.





Headshot - HarrisonHarrison Klein is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.   You can’t help to sit there and realize that you want to listen to Harrison over and over again.  His insights are incredible and you can feel his energy explode with all the information delivered.  Spell binding to the 10th degree.   You will walk away with new information about consciousness.





Headshot-JadenJaden Sterling teaches from his personal experiences on how to build wealth through steadfast determination and the right wealth Mindset.   Becoming the one of the top 1% income earners in the US at the age of 26, Jaden gives us easy tips and fail proof winning strategies to literally change your life from lack to EXTREME Abundance.





Headshot-Elliot1-300x250Elliot Tanzer, International Feng Shui Expert and Astrologer,gave powerful information about Patching your Feng Shui Money Bucket and Creating Money Magnets for your Wealth Corner.  Amazing stories of Trusting the Universe to deliver to you everything you need as he talks about his incredible and mystical journey in life.   Great Workshops.





Along with the about Mp3 recordings your will also receive:

Money Activation Hypnosis MP3



This MP3 by Jewels,  takes you into three steps in which to create wealth, health and well-being.  You are effectively rewiring your brain to ALLOW in prosperity.   It WORKS!  Regularly sold for $29.99, it is yours free in this package.




You will receive 10 hours of recordings designed to give you great insight into your wealth consciousness plus the Money Activation Hypnosis Mp3 INSTANT DOWNLOADS.

If you were to hear these valuable teachers separately, you would have spent thousands of dollars!

But for all our listeners, we have a very special price of $97 and you can listen to this over and over and over and over again.  Everything you need to know about how to create and attract and manifest the flow of money to you is in this package.


All 10 hours of workshops plus a Hypnosis CD for Just $97.  Remember, you can listen to this over and over and over again.